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In a letter to a judge, a Legal Aid staff attorney pointed out that the city’s homeless shelter count has in fact declined in recent weeks.

In the last several weeks, the mayor's increasing sense of desperation and hastily announced plans have been met with criticism.

The city will now use MTA buses to direct migrants arriving at Port Authority to the Roosevelt Hotel on West 45th Street, cutting out volunteer groups that have provided aid.

Th attorney who led the fight for the landmark right-to-shelter agreement said the legality of the mayor’s order hinges on one crucial concept.

It’s the first hotel-to-housing transformation in New York City under a 2021 program intended to ease those kinds of conversions.

Ali Forney Center, which runs programs and housing for homeless LGBTQ+ young people, is partnering with a developer on a building where residents share kitchens and common areas.

A pandemic-era housing vouchers program helped 5,375 New York City households secure permanent housing.

Siegel’s initiative, which is premised on securing people’s consent, began four months before Adams floated a plan to forcibly move people believed to be mentally ill into hospitals.