Homeless shelters

Mayor has touted the opening of hundreds of new shelter beds. But homeless advocates have raised questions about what types of beds they are and whether any of them are actually “new.”
A coalition of business groups are raising money to fight the city's plans
Non-profit groups that run homeless shelters say they’re facing the worst cash crunch in several years due to significant delays in payments from the City.
The Legal Aid Society says that de Blasio’s plan for Internet upgrades in city shelters fell “woefully short”
The city must aggressively begin opening hotel rooms for our clients, and they must do it now.
As current and former outreach workers, we believe this plan is a massive misdirection of effort and resources.
'This report is not only wrong on the facts, it’s morally indefensible.'
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who doesn't want a homeless shelter anywhere near her.
And the city is reviving a program aimed at preventing domestic violence in shelters.
"They've been really bad landlords for a really long time."
He called the report a "political media hit."
The scorecard provides the number of open and closed violations at each shelter site, as well as the service provider and landlord name at each facility.
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