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Advocates say that without safe and accessible housing options, Adams’s plan won’t reduce street homelessness.

The legislation amounts to a significant turnaround for the mayor, who has been facing mounting pressure from homeless advocates and elected officials to build more housing for the homeless.

'This conduct is dehumanizing and traumatizing for a person who has obviously already endured too much trauma in her life.'

The City Council is preparing to vote on a plan that would require city-funded developers to allot 15 percent of any created or preserved rental units for those living in the city’s shelter system.

The rally came two days after four homeless men were found bludgeoned to death in Chinatown.

'This report is not only wrong on the facts, it’s morally indefensible.'

"We don’t really have the capability as human beings to look at this onslaught of problems that are depressing."

Advocates for the homeless dismiss DHS's Hope Count methodology as inherently flawed.

"Instead of trying to help these people, [de Blasio] is dumping them in every hotel and motel he can find."

With the city's shelter population remaining over 60,000 individuals, Scott Stringer suggested the city can build more affordable housing on city-owned lots.