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The Department of Social Services is asking homeless people who received accommodations to move out of congregate shelters because of COVID health risks to reapply.

The Department of Homeless Services also referred twice as many complaints to the NYPD following the mayor’s introduction of forcible removals policy.

The annual count of people living on city streets begins Jan. 24.

Hochul released details of a plan to supercharge housing production, including targets for every municipality in the state.

Under this bleak view, Manhattan office workers' continued hybrid and work-from-home arrangements will depress real estate values, starve the government of tax revenue and result in budget cuts and policy decisions that fuel more harm.

What started out as a mobile soup kitchen serving 80 meals, has ballooned to serving hundreds as demand grows.

Some hospital emergency rooms and psychiatric units are already strained – as are the community programs that are supposed to support people upon release.

The audit comes as Mayor Eric Adams ramps up his administration’s plans to tackle rising homelessness.

As the mayor turns up the heat on how his administration tackles the rise in homelessness, city data shows his encampment sweeps result in modest gains.

The mayor is proposing to relax income and working hour requirements for a housing voucher program saddled with red tape.