“We don’t intend to leave funds unspent,” Schools Chancellor David Banks said on Tuesday.
Homeless advocates expressed skepticism about how the numbers were characterized.
Advocates say the facility featuring private beds is just the kind of setting unhoused people prefer.
Jennifer March of the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York says the pandemic-era moratorium on eviction has helped.
The bill does not create any new laws but "synthesizes" existing rights.
NYPD officials have cleared more than 300 encampments, but at last count just five people had been relocated into shelters.
The standoff is the latest flashpoint over Mayor Eric Adams’ controversial push to clear the city of homeless encampments.
Mayor Eric Adams maintained more people would seek city shelter as outreach workers gained their trust over time.
Mayor Eric Adams has vowed to clear 150 encampments across the city, but homeless advocates say, without housing, it will do little to alleviate the problem.
Advocates say talk of a homeless problem — without a solution — may fuel the violence.
The suspect, identified by family as Gerald Brevard III, is a resident of the D.C. metro area who struggled with mental illness.
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