Holiday travel

Air travel at the NYC area airports is expected to be near pre-pandemic levels.
On Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York State had performed a record number of tests, 207,907, on Friday.
Governor Andrew Cuomo said the change acknowledges that almost every state has worse COVID-19 rates than New York.
The upcoming holidays are raising questions on in-person staffing.
Thinking of heading home for the holidays? Here's some guidance.
Your holiday travel, ft. slashing rain, overpowering gusts, and unseasonably muggy temps!
'I just broke up with my girlfriend instead of dealing with this mess. I'm going home to play Fallout 76 and order pizza.'
If it's not the snow it's the ice, if it's not the ice it's the fog, if it's not the fog it's the owls, if it's not the owls it's the overhead colostomy bags.
"If possible, avoid traveling on Wednesday from the mid-Atlantic to New England..."
A major storm is careening up the coast and headed our way, intent on crushing the dreams of travelers hoping to spend Thanksgiving anywhere but the airport floor.
Don't forget to firm up your holiday travel plans—or else you'll
A six-car crash on the NJ Turnpike has claimed at least
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