Holiday train show

There are nearly 200 replicas of NYC landmarks, just made of leaves, bark, seeds, berries, acorns, and other bits of flora
This year's special focus is Central Park, isn't that something?
This year they focused on Lower Manhattan.
Trains run along a 34-foot-long, two-level O-gauge track.
The New York Botanical Garden's marvelous annual Holiday Train Show has come around the bend and pulled into the station again.
There's nearly half a mile of tracks for the trains, which wind their way through reproductions of the NYC landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall, Rockefeller Center and the Guggenheim Museum.
Experience the city's best train show from the train's perspective.
It's back and it's BEAUTIFUL.
Don't miss out on this wonderful treat!
The Holiday Train Show is back at the NYBG—check out our city made of twigs and plants!
Photograph of a conductor on a Coney Island bound Nostalgia Train
As we mentioned yesterday, the MTA's Transit Museum Annex opened its annual
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