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"This new public holiday will serve as a day to recognize the achievements of the Black community, while also providing an important opportunity for self-reflection on the systemic injustices that our society still faces today," Cuomo said.

The Dyker Heights lights are back, in all their twinkling glory.

National Lobster Day is THIS FRIDAY—let's party...

There's no better place to start experimenting with Easter candy than with Gothamist's classic Disgustingly Delicious Diabetes-Inducing Desserts—for those who would dare to put their stomachs on the line in the pursuit of candy nirvana.

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? Hold on. Hold on...

We have a Sunday Christmas, which means tomorrow—Monday, 12/26—is the observed holiday.

Holiday shopping at Macy's in 1948 looked less chaotic than a modern day Black Friday.

Justin Bieber and President Obama want to make Midtown horrible for everyone next Wednesday.