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Two of the upper road's eastbound lanes are closed, as is a lower level lane.

I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Courtney Love, here's the transcription.

And she covered Fleetwood Mac and all we got are these 6-second Vines.

Courtney Love tried to find a new bassist on Craigslist, just like your friend's friend's band.

Courtney Love has let the Glee kids sing Hole's 1998 hit "Celebrity Skin" on their adorable little television show.

Hole reunited in Williamsburg last night, albeit briefly. Check out some video of Courtney & Co. singing "Miss World."

Hole arrives at MoMA for the Hit So Hard screening. Before

Courtney Love may have been touring around with her band Hole recently,

A Greenpoint woman encountered a damaged sidewalk this weekend on her