Hofstra university

The dog 'had no choice. It didn't say, 'Hey, I want a beer and I want it poured down my throat.' So, it's wrong. It's wrong on every level.'
She admitted to doing some hazing, but just 'menial' hazing.
Andrea Rebello, a 21-year-old junior at Hofstra, was killed on May 17th last year when a police bullet aimed at an ex-con who was holding her hostage hit her in the head.
The home invasion suspect, Dalton Smith, had the college student in a headlock, using her as a human shield.
The players, sophomore Shaquille Stokes and freshmen Kentrell Washington, Dallas Anglin and Jimmy Hall Jr. were arrested this week after a student tracked down her missing iPad using Find My iPad.
Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and running mate Cheri Honkala were both arrested outside the debate for "blocking traffic." Watch them get their rights read in a heavy LI accent in the video below.
Remember when the presidential debates promised a refreshing, unscripted look at the two very stark choices presented to us in three weeks? Yes, those were an amusing few hours.
The Cosmos said, "The Cosmos have a celebrated history with the NASL and with its rebirth in recent years, our entry was the natural first step of our return."
When Jeanine met Carl... After months of fanfare, conjecture, and fervent
The tenacious Gov. Paterson says he's charging ahead with his electoral
Hofstra University has decided to cancel its football program. President Stuart
Whoa: The Hofstra student who claimed five men had gang raped
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