Pledges were allegedly forced to drink milk until they threw up, were covered in hot sauce and humiliated in other ways according to a former Hofstra student and frat member.
"We were immediately escorted off of the Hofstra campus after the press conference just now and told not to do any more press."
And about 1,000 cops.
The cop who shot the co-ed is apparently really upset.
The school held a private memorial service yesterday, and Rebello's identitical twin sister, who was unharmed in the shooting, is home with the girls' parents in Tarrytown, NY.
It's unclear who fired the shots.
Viewers who were worried that last night's presidential debate was going to be a polite study in retail politics and pain-feeling were relieved to see that this was a STREET BRAWL.
Courtesy family of Bob Bowen Around 11 p.m. on August 26th,
After being arrested for drunk driving last week, Hofstra's brand new
Hofstra University suspended its very recently hired basketball coach after he
Hofstra University has decided to cancel its football program. President Stuart
After some criticism over why her office didn't press charges against
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