The declaration eases the path for local governments to be reimbursed for costs fighting the spread of the disease.
The legislation would cap the number of students in school classrooms at 20 to 25, depending on grade level. Mayor Eric Adams has called it an unfunded mandate that will come at the cost of other school programs.
Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg led an unsuccessful push for the emerging crimefighting tool in 2010.
President Biden is expected to visit Buffalo this week.
Gov. Kathy Hochul and state lawmakers fast-tracked the process, but casinos are still likely more than a year away.
A widely supported program for helping homeless New Yorkers and people facing imminent eviction was not included in the state budget. Supporters speculate that it was not approved out of unfounded concerns that costs would spiral out of control.
To-go cocktails and a gas-tax holiday have made the cut, as did changes to the state's bail laws.
As the number of eviction cases rises, a shortage of attorneys is forcing an increasing number of tenants to move forward with legal representation under a city program meant to keep New Yorkers in their homes.
More than 60,000 state workers could see their paychecks disrupted if a budget isn’t approved by Monday.
Legislative Democrats are willing to roll the dice on NYC-area casinos, but only with local input.
State lawmakers are expected to decide by midnight tonight whether to spend $250 million to create a rent assistance program backed by both landlords and tenant advocates, but opposed by fiscal conservatives.
Lawyers assigned to represent children and low-income litigants in matters such as child neglect and domestic violence are quitting due to low pay. Gov. Kathy Hochul is being urged to increase their hourly rate in the pending April 1 budget.
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