Those who face immediate eviction are renters whose cases were decided before the pandemic.
The New York governor demolished fundraising records in her first six months in office.
The need for so-called Safe Options Support Teams was underscored by a tragic killing at Times Square last weekend
The state issued the numbers Friday after Gov. Kathy Hochul said this week she would ask hospitals to track patients who were not admitted for Covid, but were later diagnosed.
Bruce Blakeman is telling schools and businesses to ignore the mandate, but Gov. Kathy Hochul says he doesn't have the authority.
The governor said making to-go cocktails legal would help boost the fortunes of struggling bars and restaurants.
The pandemic eviction moratorium will end on Jan. 15 and is unlikely to be extended again.
Under the new state guidelines, employers can allow workers to return after five days in isolation “in limited circumstances where there is a critical staffing shortage.”
Twelve people have died in city jails so far this year. Data shows judges have contributed to the swelling detainee population. An analysis by Gothamist/WNYC and New York Focus shows who the top judges are.
Cuomo's High Line Extension Is Still Happening, Hochul Confirms
NYC progressives will try to calm down their runaway electorate who seem interested in voting for candidates they want and not those who are politically the "right" choice.
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