Photos show the exterior of the Tesla covered in a tangle of wires, an aerosol can, pieces of wood, and four raw hot dogs.
Sources claim the teen was unhappy about her mother's desire to move back to Honduras.
The NYPD's bomb squad responded to an incident in Lower Manhattan early this morning, after a man allegedly claiming to have a bomb in his car crashed into the vehicle blockade outside a federal building.
He told official that his uncle is abusive, and that the sound of sirens calms him down.
We assume the wandering cemetery clown is a tasteless publicity stunt.
The sore loser used Skype to call the Long Beach cops.
Possibly with a production company specializing in horror films.
Here is the latest reminder that nothing you see on the internet is real.
The family also showed a credit card statement.
Police Commissioner Kelly said, "It's very, very confined. No cleanup went on in this 18-inch space between these two buildings."
The NYPD is looking into the possibility it "may have been a hoax staged among friends to celebrate one of their birthdays."
The teen is no longer on Twitter either.
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