Contractor Martin Fernandez filmed his renovation crew picking through a cockroach-filled studio once inhabited by a hoarder on the LES.
A neighbor said it looked like "Never-ending stuff just coming out there and coming out."
Police found the animals when a neighbor complained about the smell.
We're pretty much out of food nbd.
"You name it, it's there: soup to nuts."
Hoarders can also be fantastically wealthy—imagine if the newspapers were piles of designer clothes and the nesting dolls were actually sloppy stacks of important financial documents.
The Suffolk County house was apparently home to as many as 60 cats, 22 dog, and a number of lizards, turtles, chinchillas, rabbits, birds, ferrets, rats and hamsters.
In case you forgot, the MTA's latest round of fare hikes is right around the corner, and there are no "Punch-Drunk Love"-esque fine print loopholes when it comes to unlimited Metrocards.
Not only are people selling Twinkies on eBay, people are BUYING Twinkies on eBay.
Kevin McCrary has a trust fund, five cats, and a cheap Upper East Side apartment so filled with stuff he had to sleep on the streets last summer. Because his van was also full.
After being publicly outed as a hoarder, amongst other things, president
Yesterday afternoon we were sent a photo that made it seem like
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