Contractor Martin Fernandez filmed his renovation crew picking through a cockroach-filled studio once inhabited by a hoarder on the LES.
The owner had ignored a vacate order.
Kevin McCrary has a trust fund, five cats, and a cheap Upper East Side apartment so filled with stuff he had to sleep on the streets last summer. Because his van was also full.
A Brooklyn woman who has 18 pit bulls isn't ashamed that she's a dog hoarder: “I guess I am...I love them like they are my kids. And they love me like I am their mom.”
“When 212 is on your phone, everyone knows where that it is, and it means you’ve been around for a while.” Just don't expect him to sell one to you anytime soon.
Nothing like finding that new, quiet apartment you've always dreamed of
Residents in a West Village apartment building have been suffering for
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