Turns out, people have Opinions about this very polarizing paint job. And you? Do you care?
The four-minute long short, titled "Come Together," brings back fond memories of the highly underrated 'The Darjeeling Limited.'
According to police, she accidentally left the ring in a dressing room.
It took three days, but CNN has succumbed to pressure and suspended commentator Roland Martin after his arguably homophobic Super Bowl tweets about David Beckham's H&M ad.
We found last night's Super Bowl ads tame, but at least one of them has managed to cause some controversy. Damn you, David Beckham, for causing heterosexual men to question their sexuality!
Around 3 p.m. yesterday, an "emotionally disturbed man" wearing nothing but a shirt, penny loafers and creepy green socks flashed his genitals to folks on the street outside the H&M on 43rd and Fifth Avenue.
via Racked [Update Below] Never come between a woman and her
To keep their unsold merchandise from being worn or put on
Excuse us for not shedding a tear, but we thought the
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