Hey, Sudetenland could really use a classy casino!
Welcome to M-42, the hidden sub-basement that Hitler targeted in the 1940s.
Dressing up your baby as a concentration camp victim is truly disturbing. And not the spooky, fun kind of disturbing.
PETA has a message to share, and it's going to share it whether it has to depict a dog with a Hitler mustache or not. (It does though.)
Adolf Hitler's toilet is in New Jersey, and you can sit on it.
Another angered New Yorker compared Bloomberg to... Hitler.
A funny thing happened when Zenop Tuncer, of Edgewater, New Jersey, went to order some parts from Mercedes-Benz for a 1942 Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D that he'd bought for a client.
Here we go again with the Ruben Diaz and the abortion and the Hitler!
A satirical piece titled "What about the good things Hitler did?" which appeared in a Rutgers paper was attributed to a Jewish student activist—who had family members who died in the Holocaust.
As we reported last week, a set of Adolph Hitler's personalized silverware will be part of an upcoming springtime exhibition at The New York Historical Society. Not everyone is thrilled about its inclusion however.
The cutlery above—which include the monogram "AH"—were given to Adolf Hitler as part of a three thousand piece dinner service presented to him to honor his 50th birthday in 1939.
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