In a practice known as facadism, an increasing number of wealthy townhouse owners, including speculative investors, have sought to expand their properties by excavating the basements and demolishing the rears.
On the anniversary of the neighborhood's historical designation, a new map enhances self-guided walking tours, showing the neighborhood now and 50 years ago.
Ahead of new ownership, people have flocked to mourn and celebrate the historic institution.
Fraunces Tavern is amongst the sites that will get money.
We heard from a reliable source that during a recent late
Photo via mattron's flickr When you think of the National Register
History nerds, rejoice. The Downtown Express has a neat little article
Photo on left via Forgotten-NY Until recently it was believed that
Photo by Wally G The 17-century Bowne house in Flushing, Queens
One Bayside landmark, The Officer's Club The owner of what many
The Landmark Preservation Commission voted unanimously yesterday to make Fillmore Place
Exciting news for homeowners: for the first-time ever, This Old House is
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