Hiram monserrate

there are signs that Monserrate is eyeing a more significant role in local politics
Only 14 percent of the city's registered Democrats bothered voting in yesterday's primary election.
Disgraced Queens politician and convicted felon Hiram Monserrate is in the midst of yet another attempt at a political comeback. Why?
Monserrate, convicted of both assault and mail fraud, picked up an endorsement because of his support for affordable housing.
Former State Senator State Senator Hiram Monserrate was sentenced to two years in prison today for siphoning over $100,000 in City Council "slush" funds in 2006.
Disgraced former State Senator and esteemed pizzaiolo Hiram Monserrate pleaded guilty to corruption charges yesterday.
How much did it cost the State to oust abusive boyfriend
Maybe Hiram Monserrate just likes to cut things? From the looks
With that federal investigation going on, ex-State Senator Hiram Monserrate doesn't
Hiram Monserrate is many things: An ex-cop, an ex-City Council member, an
In this file photo, actors portraying Hiram Monserrate and girlfriend Karla
After being indicted on corruption charges Tuesday, ousted State Senator Hiram
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