Some 50 of us descended upon it after dark, sneaking onto the property for a beach party on a cool summer Friday.
The mayor also squared off against a Donald Trump impersonator, who derided him for being a boring "seven-foot tall Ambien."
When the young and upwardly mobile moved in, Bushwick landlords saw big profits. Long-term residents felt the squeeze.
There were boats topped with tents, a boat with an old-fashioned paddleboat wheel, a boat powered by a double-chained bicycle connected to a propeller.
A dozen teams of costumed idiots raced through the streets pushing shopping carts, stopping only long enough to drink a lot of booze and compete in ridiculous games.
Another banner day for New York City's most buzzed-about subway line.
Perhaps this will curtail some of the drunk bro antics that have plagued Montauk.
"We're very unhappy with the way things have turned out in Montauk. It has changed from a middle-class resort town to a party town."
It's unpleasant to have to step over a pair of drunk intertwined bodies while taking the trash out on a Sunday morning.
It's been at least a fifteen minutes since someone on the Internet made an outdated joke about hipsters and Brooklyn.
Thirty-seven teams of shopping cart enthusiasts braved wet frozen feet to weave their way through Brooklyn in all the colorful, bizarre costumes we've come to expect from participants.
The disgruntled middle-aged lifelong Williamsburg resident who was found guilty of making phony complaint calls to 911 about the hipster hooligans running amok in his neighborhood has been sentenced.
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