Hipster cop

The feverish panic of early 2010s hipster insurgency is still alive and well over at the Murdoch tabloid.
Hipster Cop is retiring tomorrow. Let us relive the memories.
Movember meets Breast Cancer Awareness Month meets Mustache of Horrors.
Look at that gentle hair flip and perfect, waxed ends of his whiskers.
Take the Hipster Cop pop quiz.
A witness says Hipster Cop was kicking ass by the Cronut line this morning.
The tech press may have poo-poo'd it, and the new map software might have some notable issues, the people don't seem to care. Look at those lines!
This event was tongue-in-cheek with a Hipster Manifesto ("more iPhone charging stations in U-bahn stations...").
Hipster Cop Rick Lee was spotted on Bieber beat again this morning. Our own Tien Mao was on the scene...
Hipster Cop hearts Justin Bieber.
In this instant-classic video, a furious Hipster Cop yells at Occupy Wall Street organizers setting up for a permitted concert on Broadway yesterday.
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