Hill country

There are six different food stalls at the crowd-friendly reboot, selling barbecue, fried chicken, pizza, mex-tex, salads, breakfast tacos, and ice cream.
Check out our picks for everyone from the Thanksgiving-dinner purist to the tofurkey lover.
Expect very similar menus to their Flatiron originals, including smoked brisket, crispy fried chicken and freshly baked pies.
Though everyone can still enjoy the classic sandwich, here are some more age-appropriate twists around town.
The governor may have middling luck luring businesses away from New York, especially since our bbq is now Texan-approved.
New Yorkers are quite fond of Hill Country BBQ, but how does it stand up when a Texan BBQ snob stops by?
This week in miscellaneous eating news: A Fatty Crab tasting party, stinky
At the end of last week, we were so impressed to
There was a lot of tall talk around the Gothamist offices
In a promotional gimmick to rival the "Ole 96er" steak eating
The folks at Serious Eats have launched the first of their city
For those New Yorkers not fortunate enough to have snagged U.S. Open
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