Below, we picked out our five favorite moments from the NY Post's front-page expose on Subway and their not-exactly foot-long Footlong subs.
Before the crazy winds start tossing pumpkins all around, everyone can probably use a few laughs. Below, check out some of our favorite tweets, from MTA Chairman Joe Lhota to El Bloombito.
Jesus Christ Superstar. Strangers + Tim Rice = TERRORISM.
Since 1980, every Republican candidate who has captured the state has won the nomination, but this year the first three contests have seen three different winners.
With the storm barring down on the city, we need some serious laughs to get through today. Thankfully, our Twitter feed was there to answer our prayers. Check out 13 of our favorites.
As if to prove once-and-for-all to doubters that he's very serious
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