Hilaria thomas

It seems the grad student ripped open his left leg and foot after attempting a handstand during Thomas' yoga class. “There was a large amount of blood,” one student in the class told the Post.
Hilaria Thomas is being sued by a grad student who claims he suffered yoga injuries in her class that caused a "severe" and "serious" "emotional upset."
People, Alec Baldwin is OKAY!
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas celebrated their union with a NY Times wedding announcement, in which the couple shares all the awkward details of how they first met.
Even Baldwin's closest friends and family members don't know exactly when and where the wedding reception will take place. “I’m going. I haven’t been told the location yet,” said actor brother Stephen.
The photographer who was allegedly attacked says, "I say stop, stop don't touch me, and as you see in the pictures, I was far away from him and he lunged at me like 'Raging Bull.'"
Alec Baldwin takes on the Daily News after they sent photographers to his fiance's yoga class.
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