Higher education

New York has one of the lowest beer taxes in the country.
After years of hazing deaths and injuries, a new law hopes to prevent these dangerous college rituals.
41 people were arrested yesterday after staging a die-in to demand that Cuomo increase funding to CUNY.
The trustees "may have lost sight of Peter Cooper's ideals."
"We still have to make sure that this negotiation doesn't fall prey to loopholes."
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is set to announce a deal.
Did you know that Cooper Union's assets include the land under the Chrysler Building?
CUNY's Board readies its tuition hike vote as student vow to protest.
Paul blames the federal government for rising tuition prices. "I went to school when we had none of those. I could work my way through college and medical school because it wasn't so expensive."
Columbia is #4 in U.S. News and World Reporter's National Universities list, but it seems like #1 in tuition!
Now, more than ever, college is crazy expensive and the U.S. Department of Education has created a website that will make parents of prospective college students faint.
Apparently "The Great Unknown" has wi-fi and ice cream.
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