High bridge

A view of The High Bridge, as it looked in 1844.
The woman says she was clutching an extremely hot railing while climbing the stairs to the bridge.
The thrill of this beautifully renovated bridge is not even close to gone.
The bridge connects the Bronx to Manhattan, and just reopened after a 45 year closing.
Hurrah! The oldest standing bridge in the city will reopen on the 9th of June.
Step inside the city's oldest bridge.
Urban legend has it that The High Bridge was closed after someone
Exits blocked for now (WCBS 2) Residents of two dozen apartments
Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg and other city officials unveiled the newly renovated access
Let's go to the audiotape digital recording! A Bronx detective was indicted
Mayor Bloomberg's plans for making the city more habitable over the
Earlier this week, Transportation Alternatives released a study that finds relationships between
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