At least four babies have been infected with herpes from mohels performing the metzitzah b’peh ritual since September 2019.
"I'm very unhappy about it," de Blasio admitted yesterday.
This is a huge victory for all herpes-riddled mohels and their supporters.
"The government has an overriding interest in protecting infants who cannot speak for themselves."
The vote on repealing mandatory consent forms has been delayed until June.
The current agreement would allow a mohel to continue performing MBP if he tests positive for herpes that is a different strain from the one infecting the child in question.
How many babies need to be unnecessarily infected with herpes before the ultra-Orthodox community will finally allow some form of regulation on the "metzitzah b’peh" circumcision ritual?
This is the fourth case this year.
Two more babies are believed to have been infected with herpes by mohels this year, bringing the total number of babies infected in NYC since the consent form law went into effect to five.
According to a new lawsuit, the former CEO of Calvin Klein jeans gave herpes to a woman he met on in between bragging about being a "close personal friend" of Bill Clinton.
Prosecutors are investigating Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer in connection to an infant's herpes-related death—and it turns out that Fischer has continued performing circumcisions despite a court order to stop.
"I think the practice would continue, but there could be significant difficulty in gathering evidence. I would hope that our government officials take steps in conjunction with the community," Rabbi David Zwiebel said.
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