Six people were arrested after authorities raided a Bronx apartment.
Mike's Candyshop allegedly "allowed people to order heroin and cocaine to their doorstep" on demand, "with the same convenience as if they were ordering a pizza."
An on-duty MTA custodian allegedly possessing a substance believed to be heroin was arrested this morning after police officers observed him swiping a pair of headphones from a sleeping 6 train rider.
Pennsylvania appears to be leading New York in the effort to open safe injection facilities.
The governor's approach to combating the opioid epidemic is full of "watered down, under-funded and ultimately half-steps that do not go far enough," according to advocates.
More than six months later, progress on the injection sites seems to have stalled.
Fatal drug overdoses rose once again in New York City last year, thanks in large part to growing fentanyl usage.
The centers will be located inside current needle exchange facilities in Washington Heights, Midtown West, Longwood, and Park Slope.
Two of the dogs were adopted by the police.
Investigators say the lethal mix lived up to its name, nearly killing a man in the Bronx in September.
Authorities found between one and a half to three kilos of what appeared to be heroin laced with fentanyl.
The DEA said if the seized drugs are all fentanyl, then "This seizure alone contains enough potency to kill half of the population of New York City."
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