Huge Ma, the founder of TurboVax, did not endorse Andrew Yang but said he was watching all the candidates.
It's the third time the governor has personally rescued a stranded driver in the past four years.
'I believe we're a field of energy dancing for itself,' Carrey said, adding, 'And, uh, I don't care.'
"Get the f*ck off this train with that freaky shit."
"As soon as I pulled her out, she was gasping for air and crying."
Wait, so can we use those 7-Eleven bathrooms too?
Shepherd wished he had his gear so he could have tried to look for other victims.
A lot of residents of the collapsed buildings were saved thanks to various good Samaritans.
Backstage at SNL over the weekend, Seth Rogen called out the guy responsible for canceling Freaks & Geeks. TO HIS FACE.
One man was saved last night when a fast-thinking train conductor was able to stop an F train before it crushed him.
Carlos Arredondo had been passing flags to a National Guardsman who finished the race when the bombs went off.
An eldery woman collapsed at the Strand Bookstore and Morrissey came to her rescue.
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