Rather than save lives, cycling advocates see a mandatory helmet law as something that will only make decrease bike use and make streets less safe for cyclists.
The most frustrating thing about being a cyclist in New York City isn't the weather, the thieves, the potholes, or even the drivers...
You don't have to put up with looking lousy all day.
Bike and Roll NYC is shrewdly renting helmets to Citi Bike users for $3 a day and $15 per week.
Yesterday we took a ride over to Washington Square Park to demo Citi Bike, the city's new bike share program expected to launch sometime this month. People are clearly ready for this to program to start!
A poll of 1,439 people on the BMJ's website "believed that the use of cycle helmets by adults should not be mandatory in the UK." Those internet commenters/poll users: always looking out for our health.
Less than three weeks after David Wright took a 93mph beaning to
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