Video shows the chopper taking off inside a fenced-in lot at Troy Avenue and Carroll Street in Crown Heights.
A bill to prohibit non-essential helicopter flights over NYC will be re-introduced in Congress on Monday.
The number of 311 complaints about helicopter noise jumped 245% so far this year.
One helicopter flew 100 feet above sea level in the Fordham section of the Bronx on June 2nd, a night that included looting and vandalism.
All five passengers aboard the chartered helicopter were killed in the crash, while the pilot, Richard Vance, survived.
'Strapping in dogs for dangerous doors-off flights over New York is just totally repugnant.'
"Should the helicopter have been flying? I don't know yet."
Pilot Tim McCormack may have made a crash landing to avoid endangering pedestrians on the sidewalk below.
One person, believed to be the pilot of the helicopter, was killed.
Unlike those at Wall Street and East 34th Street, the heliport at West 30th Street is located within the boundaries of a public park — Hudson River Park — and which operates in close proximity to a heavily used bike and pedestrian path along the river.
There were no injuries, and the pilot, who is believed to have been the only person onboard, was safely rescued.
Alfred Cutting was on his way to the doctor when he decided to take an unfortunate shortcut.
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