Helen rosenthal

'What we see in the video is Mr. De La Rosa clearly attempting to run over a cyclist.'
'That's why the whole thing is so insidious,' Council Member Helen Rosenthal says of DIY guns. 'No serial number on anything, completely untraceable.'
Black women in NYC are 12 times more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related issues than white women.
Work on the 668-foot tall tower at 200 Amsterdam Avenue paused this past summer after a challenge to its lot by neighborhood activists.
8.4 percent of reported stranger rapes took place in for-hire vehicles in 2015.
The mayor's SUVs sometimes idle up to an hour outside the Park Slope Y.
The distinguished title came with a replica of NYC made out of vegetables.
Left turns will be banned at 95th and 97th Streets and traffic islands will be added, per the proposed plan.
Relatives of victims begged for change.
She was struck only a few blocks from where 9-year-old Cooper Stock was killed in January.
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