"I saw fives, I saw tens, but I also saw hundred dollar bills," one witness says. "They were scattered all over the place."
A man used stolen credit cards to charge baubles valued at hundreds to thousands of dollars.
"They took only the sable coats; they took nothing else."
Three alllegedly slimy thieves were caught with over a million dollars worth of stolen eels in Dyker Heights Monday.
The suspected gunman is still at large.
Things are wild in the luxury watch world.
Cops have now arrested JFK employee Renel Rene Richardson for his part in stealing 3,600 of the shiny new Apple iPad minis, worth almost $2 million.
Though the thieves didn't pull off stealing the store's ATM machine as they had hoped, they did leave a mark—by leaving the clerk in the freezer.
A scene from the 2008 robbery. Perhaps you recall the two
One of the NYPD cops who took part in a botched
Crooks cut holes in the roof of a Brooklyn bank and
Cops are looking for two jewel thieves who posed as buyers,
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