We should probably listen but... mmmm, beer in this weather.
This is exactly the kind of idea that pops into your brain when it's 95 degrees in Manhattan and your soul is dripping through a sewer grate.
Drag a bench into Central Park Lake!
We checked a couple of deep subway platform temperatures just one stop from Manhattan and confirmed that it's cooler down there than up here.
Not sure about you guys, but we sure could use a cold one right about now...
Check out this gorgeous video of kids slip n' sliding on the streets of Washington Heights.
Saturday treated us to another record-breaking temperature, and there's only one way to truly celebrate this sustained feeling of being enveloped inside a thick fuzzy blanket: pictures of people frolicking with fire hydrants!
It's so oppressive outside, we're trying to do whatever we can to take out minds off of the hot breath of mother nature—so click through to hear some icey songs!
It feels like you're standing behind an idling car's exhaust when you walk down the street currently, which makes the constant MTA delays of the past days feel even worse than normal.
Another "excessive heat warning" is in effect for today from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., with temperatures expected to pass 100 again following yesterday's record-breaking 104 degree misery.
Just because it's not socially acceptable to go pantsless in the subway, doesn't mean it'll stop the young woman in the video below from doing so on a hot July night.
We went underground to check the temperatures on the subway platform, and found them to be much cooler than the open air sidewalks of New York!
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