Heat wave

For New Yorkers wondering why it’s so hot, there are only five words: heat dome and climate change.
"I think this is a really important part of dealing with climate change that doesn't get enough attention. It is really fundamental in terms of improving our abilities to cope with heat stress, especially for urban dwellers."
It's yet another unbearable day of the heat and humidity wave across the New York City region, and we're at the point where your phone is blowing up with loud alerts.
"Your electric supply is in danger right now," warns Mayor Bill de Blasio.
The heat advisory is in effect until 8 p.m. Tuesday.
This time, eight pools have reopened to keep you cool.
Sure it's more than 90 degrees out, but maybe you can just go to a museum or a public pool or a dimly lit bar...oh, right.
With the humidity, parts of NYC will feel like 103 degrees today.
The Weather's coming in hot this week.
Heat dumping is the perfect activity for Hot Squirrel Summer.
Welcome to Hot Squirrel Summer, and meet our new Summer Sucks mascot.
It's allegedly "cooling down" this week, if 80-degree weather strikes you as "cool."
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