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The findings come from New York City Comptroller Brad Lander's analysis of the locations and accessibility of cooling centers.

The news came after the medical examiner confirmed three other heat-related deaths over the past week, with most of them involving underlying health conditions.

Temperatures danced around the 90-degree mark all weekend as the city pushed its way through a brutal heat wave.

Despite this week’s heat, New York City has seen longer and hotter spells.

Wednesday and Thursday are likely to be the steamiest, with highs of 95 degrees both days.

For New Yorkers wondering why it’s so hot, there are only five words: heat dome and climate change.

"I think this is a really important part of dealing with climate change that doesn't get enough attention. It is really fundamental in terms of improving our abilities to cope with heat stress, especially for urban dwellers."

It's yet another unbearable day of the heat and humidity wave across the New York City region, and we're at the point where your phone is blowing up with loud alerts.