Temperatures could creep into the 90s this weekend in parts of the city, but cooler weather is expected into the beginning of next week.
Even in an urban desert, heat is not distributed equally.
The MTA says it’s getting fewer reports of cars with no working a/c than in years past.
"I think this is a really important part of dealing with climate change that doesn't get enough attention. It is really fundamental in terms of improving our abilities to cope with heat stress, especially for urban dwellers."
We're talking in the mid-90s, but with a real feel of melting in place.
It's not the REAL unofficial start of summer until the humidity hits.
Temperatures are expected to hit in the mid-90s Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and the heat index is expected to be above 100.
Cooling centers may be too "dangerous" to open given social distancing orders.
This was the first time the federal monitor had appeared before the council since his appointment to the post in March.
The heat and hot water were out all morning.
'They have raised the cold issue with the staff on their unit repeatedly, but with no change in condition or provision of warmer clothing.'
'These procedures should have been in place decades ago.'
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