The Municipal Labor Committee, which negotiates on behalf of unions representing city workers, voted Wednesday to approve a new health plan.
A new study breaks down the overall cost of giving birth in New York City.
The anxieties health care workers are experiencing over the increased attacks are shared by Asian American patients, too. Some have avoided medical care during the pandemic.
The state issued a directive to insurers on Wednesday.
New York City has thousands of immigrants with healthcare degrees who aren't working in their chosen professions, even now.
Public employees are wary, while nurses says they're ready to take the plunge.
The public hospital system’s mission has always been to provide care to everyone, regardless of whether they have insurance.
NYC Care could help as many as 600,000 uninsured New Yorkers access medical care they can afford.
Currently, most union members enjoy low-cost health insurance, a benefit that they've achieved through collective bargaining.
Protesters chants included "Paul Ryan you will pay / For trying to kill the ACA," "Not just for Paul! Health care for all!"
So this bill is going to be like those fancy restaurants where they don't have what it costs on the menu?"
"This is our opportunity to help the president-elect and vice president-elect keep their campaign promises and show to the American people that elections have consequences," said Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker.
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