Health insurance

The federal HEROES Act would waive costly premiums for COBRA coverage.
“I don’t know any other nonprofit charity out there that’s suing 10,000 people”
Two senior citizens with dementia were found dead after they wandered away from their homes in New York City last week.
"Once the ultrasound question came up, no one specifically said to me, ‘You might get hit with a bill later.'"
A patient who got a hefty bill a few weeks after paying an initial bill said, "I feel like I’m being scammed. I feel like I’m being charged for nothing."
"We get it that there is a crisis here and that we have to work together to solve it. The best way to do that is to actually be on the same page.”
The patient happened to be a lawyer who has represented people who faced surprise medical bills.
Daniel Martinez got an estimate for his medical tests, then got a bill for three times as much.
Public employees are wary, while nurses says they're ready to take the plunge.
Trump signed an executive order halting cost-sharing reduction payments that intended to help low-income Americans get healthcare.
The vote on the Republican ACA repeal is today, and passage of the bill looks murky at the moment.
He urged NYers to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, in hopes of making it difficult for Trump to scrap it.
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