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“Dr. Vasan brings 20 years of expertise and experience working in public health that will ensure New Yorkers are well-equipped to continue the fight against COVID-19.”

Gov. Hochul said Dr. Mary Bassett is feeling fine and is awaiting the results of a PCR test to re-confirm her positive status.

No adult who wants a booster will be denied, as long as enough time has passed since their last shot.

"Our recovery from this pandemic requires tested leadership and experience to improve health equity and access across the state, and Dr. Bassett is perfectly equipped to lead the New York State Department of Health during this critical moment."

"That means stopping non-essential activities, staying in as much as possible, and avoiding social activities outside of your household."

Courtesy Times Union Former state health commissioner Richard Daines was found

In NY state, Big Gulps are poised to become the new

A marketing effort, protesting Governor Paterson's proposed health care cuts, from

State Health Commissioner Richard Daines has taken to YouTube to educate New