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A report by the Center for an Urban Future asked prominent New Yorkers, including former city officials and industry leaders, how New York City could become a more equitable place.

Correction officers did almost nothing to help dying detainees, a report by the Board of Correction finds.

Some New Yorkers and Jerseyans are fighting charges of hundreds of dollars for tests they thought would be free.

If successful, the measure would end a practice in which New York home care workers are assigned to 24-hour shifts and paid for just 13 hours of their time.

In the wake of the Dobbs decision, some residents are learning that reproductive benefits may not be covered if their employer is headquartered out of state — or if their health plan falls under federal jurisdiction.

State officials have taken steps to further solidify abortion access in recent weeks in anticipation of the Supreme Court decision.

For local employees confused about how to get care, here’s a simple guide.

CUNY researchers say they expect $6,000 in lost productivity annually for the median person with long COVID. Health experts walk through how employees and employers can navigate this new normal.