Health and science

City officials are debating a pilot program that would pay people to help keep needles off of sidewalks and out of parks.
Droughts often take communities by surprise. Environmental engineers have stumbled upon a curious method to predict these disasters before they begin.
Transgender and gender-nonconforming patients can also face stigma and barriers to care.
EMS union leaders say turnover within the agency, due to a combination of stress and inadequate pay, contributes to a loss of expertise and periodic understaffing.
The new planetarium will seat approximately 70. It is expected to serve up to 10,000 people annually.
The late September night skies are being dominated by Jupiter's immense presence, its Galilean moons and a collection of bright stars called the Beehive Cluster.
Fallout shelter signs are the last remnants of an ill-conceived program that was designed to quell the fears and anxieties of Americans who had little faith in the shelters to begin with.
The city’s plan for public broadband is still on hold.
This new research arrives at a time when advocates in New York are already urging city and state officials to invest more in behavioral health services for young people.
The state health department is no longer requiring schools to report cases, but a health expert worries the closure of the COVID-19 Report Card is coming at an inopportune time.
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