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The city’s program uses scanners that you’d typically find in a graduate school chemistry labs, allowing them to detect fentanyl or other dangerous substances in the drug supply.

The red planet will be in opposition this week ahead of a series of December meteor showers.

The city had already tapped a number of women- and minority-owned businesses to support the Internet Master Plan, a project launched during the de Blasio administration.

Some hospital emergency rooms and psychiatric units are already strained – as are the community programs that are supposed to support people upon release.

An EMS advocacy group says an assault already occurs on a mental health call at least once a week.

The New York native tells WNYC about what battling the HIV/AIDS pandemic taught us about battling infectious diseases in the United States.

The new director of rodent mitigation will be based in City Hall and paid a salary between $120,000 to $170,000.

The mayor’s announcement comes days after police arrested a woman who appeared emotionally disturbed for fatally stabbing her two children.

The clinics have fielded 25,000 appointments for long COVID and primary care since opening in early 2022 — a small fraction of the New Yorkers potentially dealing with the condition.

Housing Works, which already sells books and used clothes, will soon be selling weed as well.