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A red-tailed hawk tumbled from an aerial battle Tuesday morning, crashing into a restaurant's window and sustaining a mild concussion.

"You're pushing a cart, I'm eating a rat, ain't life something? See you Tuesday."

Spare the rat, spoil the hawk? New York's unending rodent problem turns out to not be a great thing for our city's returning raptor population.

At least three seemingly healthy, uninjured hawks have died in the last two weeks in NYC parks, stumping experts: "They all appeared to be healthy and didn't have any traumatic injuries."

When celebrity hawk Pale Male's mates go missing or die, it makes the news. And, in the case of Pale Male's latest late lover Lima, the guy who made the discovery gets arrested?

The city won't put out rat poison in Tompkins Square Park because of a red-tailed hawk has moved in and now parents are sick of sharing their children's playground with rascally rats.

A juvenile red-tailed hawk (Rand Russell). Since Pale Male's girlfriend Lola

This weekend four rehabilitated hawks—three juvenile red-tailed hawks and one broadwinged hawk—were