State-first sightings are a big deal to birders, and this one set the avian world atwitter.
Things are eerily quiet, as the two are perched in stillness, not acknowledging one another.
Just some falcon thoughts.
A bird brawl broke out around 5 p.m. on Tuesday.
A redtail hawk alighted on a Manhattan minivan, snarling traffic as pedestrians stopped to ogle at its beauty.
Do you see pigeon feathers, too?
It had an injured wing, too.
He's a little too weak too fly, poor predator.
Seagulls were circling the bird.
"It looked like it was saying 'help,' but it wasn't making any noise."
New York bird blogger Yojimbot just made his "most challenging rescue," at Ravenswood Generating Station in LIC.
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