On Capitol Hill, partisanship and rancor dominate hearing about anti-Asian Bias, even after Atlanta-area shootings.
He started following me and chasing me and yelling at me...
Uber is the grinch shaking you down on Christmas eve.
"I did not think I would ever come back to Hartford,” Chappelle said. "It was a year ago tonight, I had 364 nights to think about that fatal night, one year ago...I was really immature about what happened."
It all started last week, then two seniors wore a Confederate flag to an intramural sports event.
Honestly, if you want to feel good about New York, there are worse things you could do than to watch this 2:31 clip.
It's lovely to learn that April Fools' Day comes from a long tradition of mocking and harassing the ignorant, the stubborn, and the curmudgeonly.
Tebow was traded to NY today, and it seems a lot of people already hate him—even his new teammates are divided over him, though one thinks "he will make us a more holy squad."
On this day of love, what better way to celebrate than with a delicious concoction of pure New York haterade. From "the grime" to "my brother—the older one," New Yorkers are a bilious lot.
With the NBA starting Sunday, the real question isn't who to support this season—it's who to hate on. And it seems there's a new villain in the league: Kris Humphries.
For weeks now, Celebrity Combover impresario Donald Trump has been in
How quickly a year goes by: The Westboro Baptist Church, paramours
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