Hate crimes task force

Police are investigating six different vandalism incidents targeting Jewish institutions in the Bronx.
“We are not COVID, and we are not a virus."
"I have friends, families, who are legitimately afraid to go outside because they fear for their safety."
I am distraught that I have to be here. Protecting our LGBTQI community needs to be an everyday job for all of us — not just for our neighbors, but for our business neighbors.
A car belonging to a black family living on Staten Island's South Shore was vandalized with racist, intimidating messages earlier this week.
The suspect allegedly yelled homophobic slurs at another man before shoving him from behind into a window frame.
Police are looking for a man who they believe yelled homophobic slurs at another man before pushing him.
The NYPD believes the suspects attempted to set at least three other women's shirts on fire.
"Hate crimes is still looking into it, but it looks like it may not be bias-related," an NYPD spokeswoman says.
The woman was window-shopping outside of the Valentino boutique on Fifth Avenue Saturday night when she was set on fire without warning.
The Hate Crimes Task Force has been assigned to the case.
Cops say the attackers fled in a silver BMW.
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