Hate crimes

The "Walk of Faith" on Saturday was initiated by Black Christian leaders to show solidarity to Asian communities amid ongoing anti-Asian violence.
The new event will join the ranks of the St. Patrick's and Puerto Rican Day parades.
Vernon Douglas, 19, and Hezekiah Coleman, 20, face multiple charges in connection with two attacks on three Sikh men in Queens during recent weeks.
The state Attorney General’s Office said there were 1,871 incidents last year
The suspect made his way from Midtown to Lower Manhattan, punching Asian women, police said.
Lunar New Year is the most significant holiday for Asian communities around the world
The New York group, which represents more than 70 groups, decried the epidemic of violence against Asian Americans.
Queens is seeing the biggest increase so far this year.
Someone splattered paint on the sculpture on Sunday morning around 10 a.m., the third day the sculpture was on display in Union Square.
In one incident, “Death to Palestine” was sprayed in blue paint on the mosque’s wall, NYPD said.
The MTA is hoping to lure riders back to the subway. But hcan it keep Asian New Yorkers safe from harassment and attacks?
As COVID-19 cases rose last year, so too did reports of attacks against Asian American New Yorkers. But police did not consistently tag them as racially motivated, and the NYPD to this day provides conflicting figures about the crisis.
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