'Murderers! Shame on you!' shouted a protester wearing a surgical mask and poncho, as she sprayed water in the direction of the chickens.
The Jewish High Holidays begin next week, which means the Ultra-Orthodox ritual of kaporos is just around the corner as well.
In November of 2015, Abby Stein came out to her father, who told her on the spot that he would never speak to her again. "I haven’t spoken to my parents since."
"It was always my dream to be a lawyer, but I knew that probably wasn't possible for a Hasidic young woman."
Video appears to show many dead chickens destined for a company that renders them into biodiesel.
Animal rights activists were extra abrasive at this year's kaporos slaughter in Crown Heights.
"I could do it with money, but God says it is better with the chicken."
They could have faced 25 years for gang assault, but pleaded down to "unlawful imprisonment."
A family friend says she had a nervous breakdown after being forced to marry her first cousin.
Former Rockland County yeshiva students filed class action lawsuit on Friday against New York State's Department of Education, for allegedly failing to offer adequate levels of secular education to students.
A missionary rabbi banquet promised "spirited Hasidic dancing" and didn't disappoint.
Video appears to show the teacher telling students what answers to choose on a multiple choice test, and even circling one of the answers himself.
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