Hasidic jews

The attorney for that couple claims that his clients were the victims for “speaking out about what they saw."
A Queens couple has been charged with hate crimes for allegedly attacking a group of Hasidic men in Brooklyn for not social distancing, yelling at them, "you Jews are getting us all sick."
The photographs were taken over a two-year period.
"If you have something that gives kids the feeling that they can go wherever they want . . . farther from their parents and the community, it brings a lot of bad things."
In an historic development, women no longer have to sit in the back of a public bus that runs between two predominantly Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn! Two words: Bus orgies.
Like it or not, wicked modern mores may be coming to a group of Orthodox Hasidic Jews who prefer women to ride in the back of public buses.
Kiryas Joel (Wiki). Did you know that the poorest town in
A scene from the 2008 robbery. Perhaps you recall the two
Even though a Community Board and the City Council approved the
The Williamsburg Satmars rec center bathroom signs seem to have gotten
Benicio Del Toro (Right) in "Snatch" Cops have arrested the two
Schwartz in the late 80s A New York Hasidic woman passed
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