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A source in Brooklyn's Hasidic community called the threat "laughable."

A post-wedding party with hundreds of maskless Hasidim was ruled legal by city sheriffs on Tuesday night.

"If it was in a Black community, he would've been arrested immediately. Even after the mayor and governor called for his arrest, for him not to be in police custody says something about the New York City police department."

NYPD officers attempted to disperse a massive street celebration in Crown Heights on Monday night, prompting indifference and hostility from ultra-Orthodox revelers.

NYPD officers broke up an illegal yeshiva in Williamsburg on Wednesday. Once they left, students returned to the building and classes resumed, a source tells Gothamist.

Witnesses said that police handcuffed a young boy, and threatened others with summonses for violating social distancing orders and not wearing a masks.

De Blasio personally helped disperse the massive funeral, describing it as "unacceptable" in a series of tweets on Tuesday night.

Over the weekend, the NYPD broke up multiple Jewish funerals in Williamsburg and Borough Park, where mourners were not observing social distancing guidelines.

The City Council bill has activists and community leaders locked in a debate about animal cruelty and cultural traditions.

A weekly Yiddish newspaper serving Brooklyn's ultra-Orthodox population is once again under fire for excluding women from its front cover.