The project has been a lightning rod as it’s made its way through the city’s multi-layered land rezoning process and was opposed by both the local community board and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine.
The Harlem food and cultural festival will run through November on the second Thursday of every month
Cops say the suspect brutally beat his 43-year-old victim before dragging her in between two parked cars and undressing her in an attempt to rape her.
"When the world shut down we was able to really see what the real issues were.”
The officer, Jason Rivera of the 32nd Precinct, was responding to a domestic dispute.
The incident occurred on West 135th Street, after 6 p.m., police said.
The New York City centers in Harlem and Washington Heights are already saving lives, intervening in 43 overdoses during their first two weeks of operation.
Harlem residents say their neighborhood is bearing the brunt of opioid prevention programs that other neighborhoods fight to keep out. This trend puts commuter patients at risk, too.
The two centers will allow people to use drugs such as heroin under the care of medical professionals, while giving them access to addiction treatment and other services.
This summer, the city launched a pilot program that enables 911 operators to dispatch teams led by social workers instead of police. But cops are still fielding 80% of the mental health calls.
The shows have taken the concept of socially-distanced music performances and given it an unforgettable, urban backdrop.
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